Need some help please. I sent two transactions of ether to my friends ether wallet.

  1. From coinbase .8 eth
  2. From bitstamp 1 ether

The coinbase ether has shown up in his wallet; however, the bitstamp 1 ether has not shown up.

I went to ether scan to check his wallet and find where the missing ether is. It looks like to me it is sitting in the "internal transactions"

I assume this because of the timestamps. I sent the bitstamp transfer first and the coinbase transfer second. They are both two minutes apart.

Here is the link on Ether scan .

Can someone please help and tell me what is going on with the 1 ETH? Will it be credited to my friends wallet? What should I do?

Thanks, T

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If it's sitting in Internal Transactions, it has already been credited.

Looking at the times, the 1 ETH was credited to his wallet on 11 october 2017 at 12:07:10 UTC in this transaction:


Then, about 3 hours later, he sent 3.3 ETH away to another address:


I added and subtracted all the transactions, and this is correct. It most certainly has already been credited to his account, he just sent it somewhere else 3 hours after receiving it.

  • jesse he is saying that it is not showing up in his jaxx wallet and even sent me a screenshot of the wallet....what can be done? is he simply not adding correclty? from the screenshot i can see that it is not there...
    – user20695
    Oct 14, 2017 at 12:34

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