I am trying to get older state of a contract. I have deployed contract using truffle. my contract is

pragma solidity ^0.4.15;
contract NDA {
bytes32  party1name;
bytes32  party2name; 
bytes32  pary1regaddr;

event Setparty2 (address indexed _from,bytes32 _party2name);
function NDA() {
    party1name = "Me";

function setparty2(bytes32 _party2name, bytes32 _pary1regaddr){
    party2name = _party2name;
    pary1regaddr = _pary1regaddr;
    Setparty2(msg.sender, _party2name);

function get() constant returns (bytes32, bytes32) {
    return (party1name, party2name);

When I do NDA.events i get

truffle(development)> NDA.events
{ anonymous: false,
 inputs: [ [Object], [Object] ],
 name: 'Setparty2',
 type: 'event' } }

Now I did some transactions with this contract like

NDA.at(NDA.address).setparty2("Manish", "Kumar Singh");

and then some more .

Now I want to get the previous state of contract, I am trying to use events for that but when i do

truffle(development)> NDA.events.Setparty2({fromBlock : 0 });
TypeError: NDA.events.Setparty2 is not a function

I am not able to make out how to use my events. any help is appreciated.

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Similar to your setparty2 call, try

NDA.at(NDA.address).Setparty2({fromBlock: 0});

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