What I have

  • I have my private ehtereum chain running on an AWS EC2 instance.
  • I am able to deploy contracts on my private chain.
  • I am able to call functions of smart contract.

I am using truffle and react.

pragma solidity ^0.4.15;
contract NDA {
bytes32  party1name;
bytes32  party2name;

function NDA(bytes32 _party1name) {
     party1name = _party1name;

function SetParty2(bytes32 _party2name) {
     party2name = _party2name;

function get() constant returns (bytes32, bytes32) {
    return (party1name, party2name);

The above contract saves the 2 parties involved in a contract. I am planning not to make a new contract everytime for 2 new parties but use the same contract as template and serve them from transactions which they do when they go in contract with each other.

To do so I should be able to go through the list of transactions of state update under that contract address for the specified user.

How can I travel back to an older state of a contract and fetch it?

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I would add a struct like

struct Pair{ bytes32 party1name; bytes32 party2name; }

And then have either an array or a mapping to store previous structs. You can have a variable like Pair currentPair if you want to easily retrieve the most recent one. I'm a little unsure of exactly what you are asking, but I think that this, or some variant of this, would be the best way.

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