Quorum Wallet prompts for a Passphrase and a Email or username to generate the account.

Quorumwallet account set up

On the FAQs there is a description of the algorithm to generate the account:

What is the algorithm used to create my account?

It is fairly simple:

seed = String(passphrase) + String(userid); privatekey = PBKDF2(seed, seed, 2000, 32, 'sha256');

How can I generate the Version 3 of the Ethereum wallet format file using Javascript?

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You can use the ethereumjs-wallet library to create a wallet file from your raw private key, or directly from your Quorum wallet info:

var ethJS = require('ethereumjs-wallet');
var thirdparty = require('ethereumjs-wallet/thirdparty');
var wallet = thirdparty.fromQuorumWallet(passphrase, userid);
var v3 = toV3(password, [options]);
  • can you please detail the required options of the function 'toV3' as proposed by the Quorum FAQ?
    – Roberto
    Apr 18, 2016 at 0:02

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