I'm new to the study of Blockchain and most recently began to study Ethereum.

I create a web application, and I need to create an ETH address for each new user. But the important condition is that I do not want to deploy my own node. I want to use some external API for this simple task.

Can anyone advise such a service?

Thank you in advance.

  • Generating your private keys through a 3rd-party service is a bad idea. They now control your account. What is your end goal? Maybe it can be done a different way. Why can't users just bring their own account? – carver Oct 6 '17 at 17:39
  • The purpose of the service is extremely simple - it is possible to buy tokens for BTC and ETH In the case of BTC, I just generate a reedem code, but I do not know how to deal with ETH. – Narnik Gamarnik Oct 6 '17 at 19:17

There are external API's for generating address. They provide much more api's that just of address creation. Have a look at their documentation:

  • Thank you! I've already seen Blockcypher, and I saw an opportunity to generate an address, but I did not see a response in the response as a password or anything like that. Only public, private, address – Narnik Gamarnik Oct 6 '17 at 19:22
  • 1
    So what's the problem? The public, private keys, and address are all that you need. You can use your private key to unlock your account, you don't need a password. – Prashant Prabhakar Singh Oct 7 '17 at 7:44

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