I have an (empty) account with no Ether in it yet. In Mist, I created a wallet contract since I thought I needed it to receive Ether. However, I know now that this is not the case.

The wallet contract creation process however is still pending. It is greyed out and states "Creating..."

I am about to receive some ETH on the account sometime soon.

Now, I read that starting a wallet contract actually requires gas. I am guessing this is also the reason why, thus far, my wallet contract has failed to get created.

Since however I do not need any wallet contract, how can I cancel it while it is still pending creation?

Also, do I need to fear that as soon as I transfer some Ether to my account it will be used as gas to finalize the creation process of my Wallet Contract? Or could I somehow prevent that from happening?

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I solved the issue by changing to the solo network and back to the main network via the developer tools. After that the wallet contract was disappeared.

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