Even if the extension installation completes correctly, syntax highlighting does not work.

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I found out that the syntax highlighting bug for Solidity VS Code Extension on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 in my case) is due to a wrong configuration of the extension itself. To fix it and get correct highlighting you just have to change the case of a letter in the package.json file you find in:

[your home]/.vscode/extensions/JuanBlanco.solidity-0.0.1/package.json

Just check the grammar section of the json file and change the value of the "path" property:

Original (wrong) value: ./syntaxes/solidity.tmLanguage

Correct value: ./syntaxes/Solidity.tmLanguage

Please note the upper case of 'S'.

Now it works fine! Thanks Juan for creating it!!


The release 0.0.2 fixes the issue thanks to @dotnetjunkie

To install the latest version:

  • Press F1
  • Type ext update
  • Select solidity

Delete other extentions like solidity-solhint

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