For the call of a smart contract funtion i want to call it from a different account then the one i have currently in meta mask. So i want to call this method by:

myContract.setFinished(true, {from: web3.eth.accounts[1], gas: 3000000}, function(err, res){});

But currently web3.eth.accounts[1] is undefined, so how can i set this account with a given private key or/ and address?

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geth account new 

and then Geth will ask you to set a password for the account. Simple as that!

Or in the console:


In web3 the accounts are handled as array, i.e. if your keystore contains wallets like

1. UTC--2017-11-29T07-19-07.738904169Z--d4cefe4bc33681c9eac5c0ecbca2f36c12a20561  
2. UTC--2017-11-29T09-29-42.039767053Z--ee0997d7deb637a4441c54c4547b61d059b269b6

Your web3.eth.accounts[1] would be ee0997d7deb637a4441c54c4547b61d059b269b6.

web3.eth.accounts[1] is undefined because you dont have a second address. You can create a new account as mentioned in the above answer

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