"Latest Transactions" not updating in Mist Wallet after sending Eth from Polo to my wallet. Balance is updating fine but can't see any transactions since 3/31.

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    you mean your wallet's eth amount stay the same or are you just missing a tx note? – user98 Apr 7 '16 at 16:21

TL;DR: it's computational too expensive to monitor incoming transactions for accounts on the Ethereum blockchain.

linagee asked the developer of Mist:

Its because you'd need to traverse the entire blockchain which is very computationally intensive. Ethereum blockchain explorer websites do it, because they are fine with the extra processing load.

This should likely be fixed in a newer version. (When geth / go-ethereum exposes the ability to ask for transactions that included an address in the past and monitor them in the future.)

Right now, Wallet Contracts have a contract Event that they listen for, which is why they can get live upd

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