I had 0.05 ether in my mist wallet and I just sent some more ether totaling 0.18780179 ethereum in total. You can see on Etherscan that the ether is there, but in mist it says that I have 0.00 ether.


I am only 65 blocks behind and I had Ether in my account all day until now. Why is the mist client showing the incorrect amount?

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You basically posted the same question twice, so I will post the same answer here:

I've always had these problems when trying to sync with Mist. All the balances of my accounts were always showing as 0, and often Mist would stay at a few hundred blocks behind, and never fully sync.

For me, the problem went away when I updated Mist to version 0.9.1, clicked the Develop menu and enabled Sync with Light client (beta)

I hope this helps

  • were you running geth as well ?
    – wal
    Commented Oct 30, 2017 at 12:16

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