How can I test the invocation of the fallback function by an external account of a contract using the Populus framework?

For example, this runs forever:

chain.wait.for_receipt(mycontract.transact({'value':10, 'from':accounts[1]}))

And these two simply fail:

chain.wait.for_receipt(mycontract.transact({'value':10, 'from':accounts[1]})())
chain.wait.for_receipt(mycontract.transact({'value':10, 'from':accounts[1]}).call())

I could just use one of accounts to send Ether to the contract, but how do I do that in Populus?


The solution is straightforward, you can simply use populus' web3 fixture:

web3.eth.sendTransaction({'value': 10, 
                          'from': accounts[1], 
                          'to': mycontract.address})

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