What framework is used to send tokens between accounts by accessing solidity smart contract functions?

Say I made a Solidity smart contract called foocoin with the default transfer function. Assuming the function works correctly:

function transfer(address recipient, uint amount);

What sort of framework/API is capable of calling this function externally within a game for example?

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If your contract only exposes common payment methods like transfer, it may be enough for users to interact using a standard wallet.

Beyond that, the most commonly-used tool is the web3.js library, which helps you build client-side JavaScript applications that talk to the smart contracts on the blockchain. A framework like truffle will often make developing these applications more efficient.

These often work in tandem with MetaMask, a browser extension that manages users' private keys for them and can show a dialog prompting the user to allow them to sign transactions when sent requests by web3.js.

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