I am working Remix Browser for the following simple Contract. I had a couple of questions. I could not find the right answers.

  1. During Contract Creation: It gives the following error. What is this error. How can I get rid of it?

undefined errored: cannot read property 'op' of undefined

  1. I have an event defined. Where can I see the output of the event on Remix browser?

Compiler Results

    pragma solidity ^0.4.15;
    contract MyContract {

        bytes32  public custName;
        bytes32  public custLoc;
        address public docAddress = this;

        function MyContract () {

            custName = "0xDEFAULT";
            custLoc  = "0xDEFAULT";


        event LogNewCust (address _address, bytes32 _custName, bytes32 _custLoc);

        function AssignAttributes (bytes32 _custName, bytes32 _custLoc)  
            returns (bool isSuccess) {

            custName    = _custName;
            custLoc     = _custLoc;


            return true;



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  1. Seems to be some bug, the contract is deployable without a problem.
  2. When you make the event fire, you find it in the logs: enter image description here
  • Thanks for verifying the bug. I found the logs and it is working. Thanks.
    – userDSSR
    Sep 26, 2017 at 18:01

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