If I have to implement something like Money Lending Business on a Private - Enterprise level in India provided the facts that -

  1. I don't want to reward the miners as it's a private network.

  2. I want to execute smart contracts in INR. currency (Smart contract use case - A is lending some money to B on a agreed interest rate, expects that back after 6 months of span.)

Is Ethereum platform be a help for me? Or else any other options too exist? Any suggestions about how can we do that ?


From what you described, I think you're looking for a private/permissioned blockchain solution, there are a few solutions out there including :

  • Hyperledger Fabric by IBM just hit 1.0 in July
  • Quorum is an "enterprise-focused version of Ethereum" as described on the JP Morgan website
  • Corda by R3

How do you expect the smart contract to enforce the debt collection ? you'd need to keep some kind of collateral in the contract ...


Hyperledger is useful for your problem statement as mining is not required in the process, however for ethereum based architecture mining will be required.

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