The following smart contract function works when called in the Remix-Solidity IDE and connected to testrpc.

function submitAsset(string ownerName, string assetName, string assetDesc, string barcode, string sku, string countryOrigin) public returns (bool success) {
    if (!map_assets[msg.sender].initialized) {
        map_assets[msg.sender] = Asset(msg.sender, ownerName, assetName, assetDesc, barcode, sku, countryOrigin, true);
        noOfAssets = assetAddresses.length;
        AssetSubmitted(msg.sender, ownerName, assetName, assetDesc, barcode, sku, countryOrigin, true);
        return true;
    return false;

However, I get out of gas error when calling from Meteor/web3 app. The followings are the code in my javascript file:

instance.contract.submitAsset(ownerName, assetName, assetDesc, barcode, sku, countryOrigin).call({gas: estimateGas}, function(error, result) {
    if(!error) {
        console.log("yeah!: " + result);
    else {
        console.log("ooops!: " + error);

Please note that the estimated gas is 260385 (referred to the Solidity IDE). So, then I set estimatedGas to be 300000 in the javascript file - just to ensure it will go through. Still to no avail.

Again, I appreciate if anyone could point me to tips/advise. Thank you.

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I got it working with the following line,

instance.contract.submitAsset.sendTransaction(prnName, assetName, assetDesc, barcode, sku, countryOrigin, {gas: estimateGas});

contract.methodName.sendTransaction(params, options)
and not


Yes because call and sendTransaction (or send) are different on web3.

call: doc

Will call a “constant” method and execute its smart contract method in the EVM without sending any transaction. Note calling can not alter the smart contract state.

sendTransaction: doc

Will send a transaction to the smart contract and execute its method. Note this can alter the smart contract state.

PS: The doc links point to the web3 1.0, if think in your question you are referring to the web3 < 1.0, the doc is here

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