I am trying to test a smart contract which uses the Ethereum Alarm Clock . They have mentioned a contract address for the testnet. But that is old and it is not available for any of the new testnets. I am running my contract on ropsten network.

I saw a couple of solutions which suggested to deploy the contract from source separately and use that for development purpose. Also there were a lot of issues posted. Just wondering if there is a better workaround or any previously deployed Scheduler Contract on ropsten that I can use for development purpose.


Unfortunately, I was not able to find a SchedularAPI contract in testnet. But found an alternative solution where I was able to use oraclize to do pretty much the same thing. If you are not using oraclize in your contract then you can use a empty oraclize query with a time delay and a callback.

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Current Ethereum Alarm Clock Ropsten testnet scheduler addresses are:


They can be found here: https://github.com/ethereum-alarm-clock/eac.js-lib/blob/master/lib/assets/ropsten.json.

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