I have created a private network with my own Genesis file. My private network has totally 4 systems(1 bootnode and other 3 are nodes).

I am running the bootnode in v4 using these two commands.

bootnode -genkey bootnode.key For generating private key (Only for first time)

bootnode -nodekey bootnode.key --verbosity 6 Running bootnode.

This command gave me output like

UDP listener up self=enode://acc1105.......@[::]:11111

I am running other nodes using this command:

geth --datadir ~/.ethereum/private --networkid 98765 --fast --rpc --rpcaddr= --rpcapi="admin,debug,eth,miner,net,personal,rpc,txpool,web3" --bootnodes enode://acc1105.......@BOOT_NODE_IP:11111 console

I am getting PING/v4, PONG/v4, FINDNODE/v4, NEIGHBORS/v4 outputs in bootnode. These 3 nodes are discovering each other for sometimes and sometimes not.

  • Did you managed to solve it? My nodes are also not discovering each other, all of them have only 1 peer (bootnode).
    – Nyxynyx
    Jul 17, 2018 at 15:35


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