I sent some ether from my Nano Ledger S yesterday to Bittrex and it says the transaction ran out of gas. Will I receive these funds back or are they gone forever? Was an entire eth this happened with.

TXHash: 0x27bfcf895eff84b898971e30a7ec4e6f251b19de6d292a6e26bcd729ea78c6ce


The transaction is at a CANCELLED state, meaning the transaction never completed, meaning the ETH never left your address.

If you add/subtract all IN/OUT values, you can confirm this.

1+74+4.999823671+0.99339033+1.106076-1.8-0.11+1-1 = 80.189290001

So, yes, you still have that 1ETH that you sent on the transaction that ran out of gas, you just won't get the gas cost back.

enter image description here


If you send a transaction to be mined, either it get completed successfully or it returns with failure and rolls back to the state it was before sending the transaction except that you have to pay the gas cost to the miner for executing it.

That means,

  1. you get your 1 ETH back.
  2. gas cost of 0.000525 ETH ($0.12) is deducted from your account.

The reason for the failure should be the gas limit you have defined. (As the account have enough ETH balance).

For the transaction to be completed successfully you need to increase the gas limit and resend the transaction. (Although you increase the gas limit, only the gas cost for executing the transaction will be charged)

If you want to calculate and make it sure, you need to add all the INs and deduct succesfully completed OUTs (except the failed one) and deduct all the Tx costs of OUTs as below,

74+1+4.999823671+0.99339033+1.106076+1 -(1+0.11+1.8) - (0.000525+0.000789289531 + 0.00046305+ 0.000441) = 80.1870716615

which is equivalent to the value mentioned in your account,

ETH Balance: 80.187071661468095 Ether

proving that the 1 ETH is still there in your account.

EDIT However, balance being equal to the sum of inbound, minus the sum of outbound and fees is not the case always. If the account has received ETH by internal transactions the balance may vary from this. Refer this question.


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