Geth syncing is stuck for several hours. I want to delete my blockchain using geth removedb. Will this affect my account? Will my balance become zero?

  • The reason this won't delete your account is because your balance, and everyone else's, is stored on each copy of the data that sits on each of the 25,000 nodes across the planet :)
    – JohnAllen
    Sep 14, 2017 at 3:31

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As long as you control your private keys, your balance will not be affected. You will see your full balance when the syncing is finished.

See How do I backup my ether accounts?


I did a geth removedb and synced from scratch. After sync was finished I checked my accounts balance and it was Zero. Before removedb it was ~3000.

and at the very end if u mine to nirvana your balance is in nirvana lost in infinite space- and the force is not with u anymore despite i like kurt cobains nirvana


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