I would like to know how to send ether from multiple accounts. For example, suppose I have 3 accounts with 5 ether in each account, how do I send the total (15 ether) to an account in a single transaction? I’m asking because from what I understand the “from” parameter in “sendTransaction” only accepts a single account.

The reason I’m asking this is because I need to accept Ether payments in my system and I would like to generate a unique account for each deposit, but I’m not sure how to spend the Ether I receive without having to send multiple transactions.

I want my users to deposit tokens to my address. Now let us say 10 users send 1 token each. There would be 10 corresponding addresses. Now how do I implement this such that my main address always show the total sum amount (10 tokens, in this case) and whenever I try to withdraw that amount, the transaction is actually happening on 10 different addresses , but how do I post it as a single transaction ?

Can it be possibly done using HD Wallets ? How does coinbase internally handle the spending from multiple transactions as a single transaction ?

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