I want to use parity as a multisig wallet, but I want to make sure they've already fixed the recent exploit. Most articles online just talk about the exploit.


It was fixed on Jul 19, this is the Pull Request.

As stated in their release notes, you need to make sure your parity version is 1.6.10 or above.

Here is a post explaining the exploit, you can check for yourself that now there is a only_uninitialized modifier in the constructor.

Update: As of 11/7/2017, all Parity multi-sig wallets deployed after July 20th have no functionality (source). An unknown user took control of Parity's library contract from which all Parity multi-sig wallets derived functionality. The user then unwittingly suicided the library contract, obliterating all wallet functionality and freezing ~500 wallets, and about ~$150M (source). This won't be resolved until after a hard fork.

A good explanation of events can be found here.

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    Addendum in light of recent events (11/7/2017): another critical security bug was discovered when a user unwittingly took control of Parity's multi-sig library contract, from which every multi-sig wallet deployed after July 20th derived functionality. The user then suicided the contract, obliterating all functionality for ~500 Parity multi-sig wallets, and freezing ~$150M. This bug won't be fixed (for currently existing multi-sig wallets) until after a hard fork occurs that allows them to restore the library contract, or move the funds.
    – valkn0t
    Nov 7 '17 at 19:14

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