This is the code I use to get all events from a certain contract.


event NewEvent(address indexed contractAddress, address newBOPAddress, address payer, uint commitThreshold, bool hasDefaultRelease, uint defaultTimeoutLength, string initialPayerString);

web3 code:

event = Factory.contractInstance.NewBOP({contractAddress:'0x384da3....'},{"fromBlock": 0, "toBlock": 'latest'});

event.get(function(err, res) {

If I specify a fromBlock that is relatively young, I get a fast response and everything works fine, if I use a block that is around 200,000 blocks in the past, I get this timeout error:

Gateway timeout. The request took too long to process. This can happen when querying logs over too wide a block range.

I tried this on ropsten with different nodes (metamask, myetherapi, infura) but always have the same problem. I aquired a private node with quicknode.io, which doesn't solve the problem, for users that need to use public nodes. I know that I could use a newer "fromBlock", but I would like to use the events of my factory contract as historical data, so I can display it to the user. And I found a few sources supporting, that it is technically possible, especially with indexed arguments to filter on:

https://media.consensys.net/technical-introduction-to-events-and-logs-in-ethereum-a074d65dd61e (part 3)

How to access the event log by knowing the contract address (web3)? (uses different filter options)

My exact question is: Do I need a full private node in every case for the desired performance, or are there other reasons / ways to make the event filtering faster (to stop the timeout)?

Thanks for any answer!

  • I'm having the same issue, did you find a way to fix it? Thanks! – Julien Jun 28 '18 at 14:31

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