About an hour ago, I have deposited 0.05 ETH to this address: 0x1da075fd6816e5477125922282e540084e308be8

The geth output shows:

INFO [09-05|19:12:59] Submitted transaction fullhash=0x21da1d09b186e8929d29d945487ff0aba4efa09744b4ec082c4a7b1da45ddc23 recipient=0x1da075fd6816e5477125922282e540084e308be8

I have made this transaction using the official Ethereum Wallet, using "light sync". I cannot find this transaction in any blockchain explorer, however the geth output clearly tells me the transaction was submitted. In the Ethereum Wallet UI, I also clearly saw my transaction pending (0/12 confirmations). However, I cannot find this information anymore in the wallet UI, no matter where I look. (I have restarted the wallet since).

I have tried the following explorers, none of them know about my transaction:

  • EtherScan
  • EtherChain
  • EtherCamp

How can I find out what happened to my transaction ?

Geth output

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I just tried wiring some ETH from one of my accounts to another, in order to reproduce the issue, and noticed the following errors in the devtools of Ethereum Wallet 0.9.0:

First, an error:

Unhandled rejection VersionError: The requested version (1) is less than the existing version (2)

Then, it keeps polling the status:

Checking transaction 0x81...49d8f. Current confirmations: 0"

Second error after a while (10 mins):

The transaction from First account to Second account couldn't be successfully executed.

Seems like this is related to a bug in the Ethereum Wallet. Downgrading should fix the issue, although I haven't tried yet.

  • You should edit your question if you need to add more info.
    – Ismael
    Sep 6, 2017 at 1:47

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