I'm a new user trying out the Rinkeby testnet. I followed the procedure in this youtube video. But I can't get ether. This page says "Invalid User... boom!"

I've contacted GitHub. They suspect that it's due to misbehaving spam-detecting robots, so they just unflagged my account "twice" but still doesn't work. What should I do?

  • You can try other testnets too! Rinkeby is the most popular and used testnet! – Ayushya Nov 5 '17 at 15:06
  • You need to post your ethereum address in which you want ethers to googlee+, fb or twitter. And instead of address, paste the link to your post (that contains your address) in the faucet page. – Prashant Prabhakar Singh Feb 12 '18 at 20:22

Reddit is the best way that works consistently https://www.reddit.com/r/ethdev/comments/61zdn8/if_you_need_some_ropsten_testnet_ethers/


To get ether from the Rinkeby testnet, you have to post your ethereum address to one of the following social networks:

  1. Twitter (public)
  2. Google+ (public)
  3. Facebook (public)

Once you've made the post, copy the public post URL and paste it into the Rinkeby testnet faucet. You'll get your test ether quickly after that.


There many faucets for ropsten network that you can use without login in facebook or other social network.

http://faucet.ropsten.be:3001/ https://faucet.metamask.io/

These two work immediately.


We have created a universal faucet here It is just a captcha for validation so it should be easier to use.

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