I need the pending balance of my contract. As far as I understand I could do it with web3:

web3.eth.call(callObject [, defaultBlock] [, callback])

Can I pass defaultBlock to truffle-contract abstraction as well or I need to call web3 directly?

I.e. When I'm trying to pass a defaultBlock to a truffle-contract call:

import { default as Contract } from "truffle-contract";
let contractDef = Contract(artifacts);
let instance = await contractDef.deployed();
let balance = await myContract.instance.balanceOf(

I get:

Error: Invalid number of arguments to Solidity function

There were issues with this before, please downgrade to truffle 3.x , delete the build/contracts/ folder (back it up just in case), rebuild the artifacts with truffle migrate --compile-all and try again.

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