I have linux based miner with geth wallet. I've backed up keyfile (starting with UTC ... ..... ) into my second computer based on Windows where I've sucessfully imported it into Geth keystore folder.

I've runned up console with command


and it shows up 0.

The thing is that my account has already some Ether as I'm checking it on Etherscan.

Can you please explain me what's happening ?

Thank you!

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I think eth.coinbase does not exist. You have to write eth.accounts[i] instead where i is the number of your account (you can see all your accounts with eth.accounts)

  • That sounds correct to me. eth.coinbase is a default or author account so unless you set your account to be the coinbase, you have to use @DIstic 's command instead of the one you're using.
    – stone.212
    Oct 2, 2017 at 0:41

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