I have got error if i try call method getArrayData()

contract ManagerDb {

    struct ManagerStruct {
        bytes32 firstname;
        bytes32 lastname;
        bytes32 email;
        uint index;

    mapping ( address => ManagerStruct ) Managers;
    address[] public managerIndex; // Managers

    function insertManager(
        address managerAddress,
        bytes32 firstName,
        bytes32 lastName,
        bytes32 email
        returns (bool)

        ManagerStruct memory newManager;
        newManager.firstname = firstName;
        newManager.lastname = lastName;
        newManager.email = email;
        newManager.index = managerIndex.push(managerAddress)-1;

        Managers[managerAddress] = newManager;
        return true;

    //for example
    function getArrayData() constant returns (bytes32[] _data1) {

        uint arrLength = managerIndex.length;
        bytes32[] memory arrData1 = new bytes32[](arrLength);
        for (uint i=0; i <= arrLength; i++){
            address addr = managerIndex[i];
            ManagerStruct ms = Managers[addr];
            arrData1[i] = ms.firstname;

        return (arrData1);

An error occurs if I substitute the index [i]. When i use constant number managerIndex[0] and here arrData1[0] it work. What am I doing wrong But if i use function getManager :

function getManager(uint index) constant returns (bytes32, address){
    ManagerStruct ms = Managers[managerIndex[index]];
    return (ms.firstname, managerIndex[index]);

I do not get error.

  • I'd check that index is valid, ie index < managerIndex.length.
    – Ismael
    Commented Sep 1, 2017 at 0:45

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array index starts from 0 so reference to index of array.length is out of bound.

Change your for loop criteria to i < arrLength

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