Hi I am in the middle of looking into creating an ETH casino for fun and to learn smart contracts and what not.

So say I have a website where you deposit 1 ETH and then you gamble it and you win, so now you have 2 ETH and you decide to withdraw.

How would the flow look like?

Like when a user registers they must be assigned an address to deposit to that is unique to that user.

Then the user has a balance of 1 ETH and he gambles it and it turns into 2 ETH.

How would the withdraw procedure look like for this? When he withdraws it would send from that deposit address and from the "main" address?

So my questions are:

Would this be possible to do through smart contracts?

How would you generate these deposit addresses and control them to withdraw and such?

Thank you very much.


You use each user address and define a mapping with users balances.

mapping (address => uint) balance;

So when they make a deposit their balance will increase

function deposit() public payable {
    balance[msg.sender] += msg.value;

When a bet is done you debit from their balance

function bet(uint amount) public {
    require(balance[msg.sender] >= amount);
    balance[msg.sender] -= amount;
    // Process bet ...

And when someone want to withdraw their balance they will call this

function withdraw(uint amount) public {
    if (amount > balance[msg.sender]) {
        amount = balance[msg.sender];
    balance[msg.sender] -= amount;

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