I follow this tutorial to run the PoA demo on Parity.

And when I try to connect the nodes. I found that should do everytime after Parity started.

Can I connect them when I starting Parity? I found that the enode seems change everytime when I start the Parity...

By the way, the PoA will create block continuously though I don't send any transaction? I don't know clearly about it... Thanks a lot~ :)

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Assuming you have a PoA network running with 5 clients on mySpec.json chain configuration. You can see the public addresses (enodes) after starting Parity:

Add these nodes to a file, let's say myPoAnetwork.txt, one entry per line:

enode://[email protected]:36541
enode://[email protected]:36542
enode://[email protected]:36543
enode://[email protected]:36544
enode://[email protected]:36545

Make sure the IPs contain either the public address, or if running locally, the LAN address, but not the localhost or loop. And subsequently, run Parity with --chain mySpec.json --reserved-peers myPoAnetwork.txt. Or add it to the config file:

chain = "./mySpec.json"

reserved_peers = "./myPoAnetwork.txt"

This will establish a PoA network automatically adding your nodes:

--reserved-peers FILE        Provide a file containing enodes, one per line.
                             These nodes will always have a reserved slot on top
                             of the normal maximum peers. (default: None)

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