I am running into the same issue proposed by this question. I cannot resolve it because I am using a remote provider (INFURA), per this document.

My code looks like this:

var ethwallet = require('ethereumjs-wallet');
var ProviderEngine = require("web3-provider-engine");
var WalletSubprovider = require('web3-provider-engine/subproviders/wallet.js');
var Web3Subprovider = require("web3-provider-engine/subproviders/web3.js");
var Web3 = require("web3");

// Import the raw private key of the admin
const keys = require('../test/keystores/keys.json');
const admin_key = keys.admin.privateKey;
const admin_addr = keys.admin.address;

// Add the admin key to the provider. This will unlock the account so it can
// deploy the contracts and run the tests.
var wallet = ethwallet.fromPrivateKey(Buffer.from(admin_key, 'hex'));
var engine = new ProviderEngine();

// Start the infuranet provider
var infuranet = "https://infuranet.infura.io";
var engine = new ProviderEngine();
engine.addProvider(new WalletSubprovider(wallet, {}));
engine.addProvider(new Web3Subprovider(new 

module.exports = {
  networks: {
    infura: {
      network_id: 5810,
      provider: engine,
      from: admin_addr
    development: {
      host: "localhost",
      port: 8545,
      network_id: "*"

And I am running:

truffle migrate --network infura

Which hangs indefinitely. This also happens if I run:

truffle compile --network infura

Or any other truffle action.

Is it possible to run this without a local node? I would like to deploy these to this network using the remote INFURA provider.

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    Instead of using infuranet.infura.io try with the url obtained when you registered to infura service.
    – Ismael
    Commented Aug 23, 2017 at 1:56

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The answer to this problem should be adding two more lines, which you can find in the last answer here.

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