Is there an easy GUI way to get the namehash of an ENS subdomain name? I know how to get the needed namehashes from Geth console using the ensutils script, or writing javascript that uses web3 & eth-ens-namehash. But is there a way for people to get the namehash without using command line, simply via browser. I see that MEW will produce the label & namehash for domains, but there is no way to search subdomains. Does Solidity have a namehash function? Or would I have to write my own, recursively calling the sha3 (or is it keccak-256)?? It was one solution so that users could just interact with the contract via MEW to get namehashes. Any other ways to get the namehash without using command line??


Found it at https://etherscan.io/enslookup This site will give the required hashes needed for sub-domain creation. And the blog http://blog.rudikovac.com/create-an-ens-eth-subdomain/ gives instructions on how to use MEW to create the sub-domains


Etherscan tool has a limitation, it always appends the .eth suffix. There is another online tool where you can calculate the namehash of any domain, not only .eth domains:


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