The EMV site claims that their token contracts are officialy ERC-20 certified and is listed here (then they give their EtherScan address).

My question is whether there is a certification agency or process. I realize ERC-20 is a standard that can be followed, but is there some way to certify or validate that it actually followed?


In short: There is no such ERC-20 certification!!
they might mean that there token is listed and recognized as an ERC20 compliant token on Etherscan. As i know ERC20 is still a draft proposal without full consensus so how can an entity certify for such thing??

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There is no official certification process for ERC-20 tokens. However OpenZeppelin team (creators of the standard) do the audits of the ERC-20 based projects on their official blog [audits] where everybody can read them for free.

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