Previously Mist wallet worked. Now it stops at 'Started Swarm' and writes this to console.

I'm using Qubes with Debian-8 template.

I start Mist by ./geth --synchmode "light" in the .config/Ethereum Wallet/binaries/Geth/unpacked folder and after that in other terminal I type ./mist --light-node

  • sometimes it works. I have this error "ERROR write unix ../.ethereum/geth.ipc->@: write: broken pipe" (but the program is running while I have this error. And this: ERROR Failed to retrieve current release err="missing trie node [and than comes long ID] (path )" (and the program does not start when I have this error) – Nick Exa Aug 19 '17 at 10:06
  • I had the same error message, I just posted my solution below. – Tom Hale Sep 29 '17 at 6:39

I noticed that geth was complaining with:

ERROR[09-29|13:00:24] Failed to retrieve current release err="can't fetch trie key 5380c7b7ae81a58eb98d9c78de4a1fd7fd9535fc953ed2be602daaa41767312a: no` suitable peers available" 

What worked for me was to type:

geth removedb

And answer 'Yes' when asked to confirm removal.

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