Someone gave me a gift card with an address - 0X ... - and a private key - list of words.

I have used various wallets but I am unsure what I an meant to do with this. How from the address alone and the key can I move the money to one of my wallets? I have used myetherwallet before.


  • Did your friend create the gift card or is there a particular company that made the card? If it's a company, they might have a website that can tell you how to access the account. (Although buying such a gift card seems unsafe.) In any case, you should take the ether associated with the address and move it to an address you generated (in case someone else has a copy of the private key).
    – lungj
    Aug 17 '17 at 8:05

You can do this from MyEtherWallet. Please triple check you are on the right site! Look for the EV-SLL notice:

enter image description here

From the "Send Ether & Tokens" tab choose "Mnemonic phrase". Type your list of words in there and you ought to be able to access the account.


For those wanting more information about Mnemonics..

These phrases are based on BIP39. The idea is that a mnemonic is easier to remember than a private key.

A mnemonic is your private key. Anyone who has it can access your Ethereum wallet.

You can access your wallet through many products:


Make sure you only use a product that you trust.

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