I have 10 VERI coins on EtherDelta. I tried to transfer them to my wallet so I can then make my next move to transfer them to somewhere else. Over 4 hours has passed and these tokens have not moved with a warning of a bad jump destination. https://etherscan.io/tx/0x818345b40e95433f6c98e2f7ac3c11d51900dbd6c1ce61a7ec1f9e42053a6865

  • The error indicates the transaction has failed, ie it is like it never happened. You should ask to Ether Delta support for help to credit back your tokens, or to retry the operation with another transaction.
    – Ismael
    Aug 16, 2017 at 23:51

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It looks like you have just under 10 coins, and tried to withdraw 11. Try withdrawing ~9.9999 instead.


"Bad Jump" usually means that the method called throw; at some point, so let's try to find it.

From your Etherscan link, click the contract address, and then the [Contract Source] tab. Find the withdrawToken() method that the etherscan transaction page says you called:

function withdrawToken(address token, uint amount) {
    if (token==0) throw;
    if (tokens[token][msg.sender] < amount) throw;

token was set to 0x8f3470a7388c05ee4e7af3d01d8c722b0ff52374, so the first throw isn't the problem.

The next line checks how many tokens you own to make sure you don't withdraw more than that. Let's find out how many you own.

msg.sender was 0x253b8771fd0b2d6f4e7db5aaaee0ede207cb31ab in the transaction you shared. We can look up the balance with that info in the MyEtherWallet Contracts tab.

Copy in the contract address from the Etherscan transaction page. Copy in the ABI from the Etherscan [Contract Source] tab. Copy in the token address from the first argument at the bottom of the Etherscan txn page. Copy in the owner address from the "From" field in the Etherscan txn page. Click the [Read] button. It should look like:

MEW Etherdelta lookup

The hex value of that balance is (in ipython):

In [1]: hex(9999925439648120384)
Out[1]: '0x8ac6df349a9e3e40'

Your original transaction requested a balance of 0x98a7d9b8314c0000 which is larger than the token balance. That would cause a throw and the withdrawal to fail. Depending on how you input the withdrawal, you can try withdrawing your full amount as: 9999925439648120384, 9.999925439648120384, or 0x8ac6df349a9e3e40.

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