Is there a Windows console application that can generate addresses and private keys as output to the console window?

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  • I think a more appropriate solution on Windows would be using Nethereum. Check out their docs. – libertylocked Nov 14 '17 at 2:51

On Windows platform you typically have the option to use Nethereum, a .NET web3 library. This is probably preferred as Windows comes with .NET runtime, so your user won't have to install node.js.

It's super simple to generate a private key and an account.

// using Nethereum.Signer;

var ecKey = EthECKey.GenerateKey();
var privateKey = ecKey.GetPrivateKey();
var genAddress = ecKey.GetPublicAddress();

Console.WriteLine("Key is {0}", privateKey);
Console.WriteLine("Address is {0}", genAddress);


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Use Javascript and nodejs.

Install nodejs and npm using the guide here.

Install the keythereum npm package.

The keythereum docs (on that page) outline its usage.

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