Reading the excellent write up about Where can I learn how to develop DApps using the solidity programming language I wondered if using Mix with scenarios only versus deploying a contract in a private local node had some significant differences?

Apart from using geth on the local node to interact with the contract I don't see any but I'm not familiar enough to be sure.

From a DApp development point of view why would one choose one or another?

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The real benefit of Mix is that you can:

  • debugging assembly code / source code (breakpoint, local variable, state variable, ...)
  • use the integrated web browser to develop/test the front end (or use your own web developer tool for that).
  • check the gas cost for each executed code (at a statement level). You may want to use that to develop cheaper contract.
  • you can use scenario to test your contract
  • you can also deploy contract

(the two last points are not a specificity of mix)

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