I have installed truffle and ran the default contract provided by truffle.

I successfully compiled,migrate and put the default dapp on local testnet http://localhost:8080/.I am able to see the dapp here.

I have also synced the metamask account with testrpc using testrpc -m "mnemonics"

But when I try to send metacoins to one of the account address present in MetaMask ,I do not see any confirmation pop-up of Metamask to Accept/Reject Transaction.Neither does the transaction details shows up in Metamask window. Though, whenever I try to send metacoins from http://localhost:8080 ,it suddenly displays message "Transaction Complete" without any confirmation or any coin amount deducted from main balance.

Truffle version : 3.4.6 npm version : 5.3.0 EthereumJS TestRPC v4.0.1

Attaching few screenshots too for your reference. Please help.

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