I'm using Remix to deploy onto Rinkeby.

I can deploy the contract fine, although I have to increase the 3000000 gas limit to 13000000.

When I trigger an event that updates a uint256 field, the transaction goes through fine.

However, when I change that to update a single array value myArray[0] = someint, it gives me callback contain no result Gas required exceeds block gas limit: 13000000, and doesn't matter what I set gas limit to.


address[] public addressList;
uint public someint;

function testit() payable {
  addressList[0] = msg.sender;   // This line always exceeds gas limit

  someint = msg.value;  // Only this line works

  sendFunds(); // does this: ownerwallet.transfer(msg.value);

Why would such a trivial call exceed the gas limit?

  • The production chain has a gas limit of about 6.7 Megagas. If deploying your contract really takes 13 Megagas, you won't be able to deploy it to production. Beyond that, @benjaminion's answer looks appropriate.
    – carver
    Commented Aug 10, 2017 at 22:14

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I think this Q&A answers your question as well.

It's not about gas - using up all the gas is just a side-effect of a failure in your code (this is what currently happens on an exception in Ethereum).

Essentially, you are trying to make an assignment to a zero-length array.

You need to do either addressList.push(msg.sender), or you need to declare the array statically, address[10] public addressList. There is more info at the answer I linked.

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