MY question is related to question 1 in:

How to interact with a smart contract in practice (for free)? A bigger picture!

But the difference is that here I need more details.

I know I can compile a smart contract on Remix. I need to know how exactly I can interact with the smart contract.

Assume I have very simple smart contract; I have the following questions:

Question 1: How can I write a transaction that calls (or interacts with) the contract?

Question 2: Is there any online service that allows me to do that (for free)?

I tried to get some free Ether from here, and I installed metamask, but my account shows zero Ether, so I couldn't get any Ether for the test.

Also, I don't know how to use the Ether for the test even if I have some.

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For Question 1:

You can try running a local test network using testrpc which is initialized with 10 test accounts each filled with ~100ETH and a Mnemonic key that you can use with Metamask to gain access to them. Metamask lets you choose which network you are working with and you can select testrpc there, then say you forgot your password and add the mnemonic.

I've been using it with truffle to compile and migrate my contract to the test network, and building apps to interact with the contract using using Vue.js and web3. There's a good tutorial for getting started on truffle's website or you can try my basic vue.js + truffle starter repo too.

For Question 2:

You might be able to just use the ethereum.org Browser Mist Wallet. Go to the contracts section, deploy your compiled contract and you can access all of the functions public methods after selecting the contract and adding ABI info.

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