I just bought a new 1TB SSD drive and I would like to move my .ethereum directory from the 60GB to the 1000GB HD. Is it safe to simply move the directory?

  • Which client are you using? Geth? – carver Aug 9 '17 at 15:28

Should be fine (I've done it several times with Parity's data directory and with geth). However, if the logical location of the directory has moved, you need to make sure your Ethereum client knows to look for the data directory in the new location. geth is perfectly happy with symlinks. Alternately, you can use the --datadir option when starting geth.


Short answer: Yes

Have you tried it? Apart from the time it takes to swap your drives in and out, there's very little risk in attempting it.

I recently moved my data directory to a new drive without incident. Some clients might react poorly, but geth should work fine.

Feel free to start a new question if you run into a specific issue.

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