It seems that we can only send a message by creating new symmetric keys and key pairs ( shh.newSymKey() and shh.newKeyPair()

Then post shh.post() a message using the parameters:

  • symKeyId which encrypts using the symmetric key.

  • sig optional key pair ID which signs the message

Are Ethereum addresses disconnected from Whisper in term of identity management? It would have been great if we could address a message encrypted with and to an Ethereum address.

I want to do this PoC:

  • user (with eth address) X wants a secret key that only the users listed on a smart contract have, let usersListed be A,B,C,X
  • user X broadcast using whisper to users A,B,C - "I want the secret key" (this message is encrypted for each user)
  • Anybody (A B or C) from the list, once this message has been received, send back an encrypted message containing the secret key, to user X.

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Ethereum keys are used to sign messages. It is bad practice to use the same key to sign and to encrypt, as signing and decrypting are the same operation.

  • So one solution is to have a smart contract and update it with a whisper identity generated for the smart contract dApp.
    – David P
    Jan 20, 2018 at 22:37

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