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I want to deploy a contract via Mist, but the compiler tells me to use the storage keyword: enter image description here

I tried many things including this one:

pragma solidity ^0.4.13;

//listing 1
contract Trace{

struct Tru{
    bool consumed;
    bool used;
    bool created;
    uint id;
    uint producedBy;
    uint consumedBy;

struct PrimitiveActivity{
    bool created;
    string storage name;
    uint id;
    uint inputTruId;
    uint outputTruId;

However this just produces the next compiler error:

Expected identifier, got 'eth_compileSolidity' string storage name; ^

Has anyone an idea how I can resolve this issue? Thx.

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Try using compiler version 4.14 (specifically 0.4.14+commit.c2215d46). The issue about needing the "storage" keyword goes away. You can select the compiler version in Remix on the settings tab.

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