I'm using the command line to delete the existing chaindata so I can fast sync:

geth removedb

But I am returned with:

Database deletion aborted
Database doesn't exist, skipping

So then I run:

geth --fast

And I'm returned:

Fatal: Error starting protocol stack: leveldb/storage: corrupted or incomplete meta file

I repeat the removedb command under the assumption that whatever chaindata is there is corrupted. But then it tells me nothing is there. What am I missing?

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    Did you try this: - go to your ethereum folder (e.g. "~/.ethereum/") - go in "geth/chaindata". If this folder is empty, then there is no database file and I don't know where meta files are. If there is something, delete it. Anyway, note that geth --fast is deprecated. You should use geth --syncmode "fast" instead.
    – Distic
    Aug 3, 2017 at 8:04


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