I previously used Jaxx, where I stored some Ether. I have now uninstalled Jaxx, but would like to access my Ether in any way possible.

I don't have the Jaxx mnemonic as it was never made clear that I needed it, but luckily I do have my private key and public address, both of which Jaxx provides in unencrypted form.

I have tried the 'import paper wallet' tool in a new Jaxx wallet, but it just says 'scanning private key' for an hour and doesn't do anything. I have also tried importing via geth, but for some reason my balance shows up as 0. This might be because geth was linked to a testnet?

Any help with retrieving my ethereum is appreciated.

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MyEtherWallet is able to do this. It can access an account based on the private key only, e.g. the "Send Ether & Tokens" or the "View Wallet Info" tabs. Select "Private Key" as the access method. It is off-line and safe if used according the the instructions - you can download the code from GitHub and run it locally if you are extra-cautious.

Just, please, please, be sure to go to the correct site! Look for the EVSSL banner in the browser bar:

enter image description here


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