For example, I have 10 eth on my smart contract. How I send eth on another address?


You can use one of the following functions :




however you should be aware of the tradeoffs between send(), transfer(), and call.value()().

x.transfer(y) is equivalent to if (!x.send(y)) throw; Send is the low level counterpart of transfer, and it's advisable to use transfer when possible. someAddress.send() and someAddress.transfer() are considered safe against reentrancy. While these methods still trigger code execution, the called contract is only given a stipend of 2,300 gas which is currently only enough to log an event.
someAddress.call.value()() will send the provided ether and trigger code execution. The executed code is given all available gas for execution making this type of value transfer unsafe against reentrancy. Using send() or transfer() will prevent reentrancy but it does so at the cost of being incompatible with any contract whose fallback function requires more than 2,300 gas.

One pattern that attempts to balance this trade-off is to implement both a push and pull mechanism, using send() or transfer() for the push component and call.value()() for the pull component.

It is worth pointing out that exclusive use of send() or transfer() for value transfers does not itself make a contract safe against reentrancy, but only makes those specific value transfers safe against reentrancy.

read more at : https://github.com/ConsenSys/smart-contract-best-practices#integer-overflow-and-underflow

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