I think this has been answered somewhere in the internet once before, but I can't find the answer anymore. If I own DOMAIN.ETH ENS and I create Subdomain.DOMAIN.ETH and transfer the ownership of subdomain to someone else and resolve the address to someone else's address, will I still be able to modify it's settings as the owner of DOMAIN.ETH?


Technically no, but practically yes.


While another account is the owner of a subdomain, you cannot directly manage it. For example, you cannot:

  • set a new resolver in ENS
  • set the owner of a sub-sub domain
  • interact with the public/default resolver on behalf of the subdomain


At any time, you can reclaim ownership of your subdomain by using:

  {from: MY_ACCOUNT}

Then you can make whatever administrative changes you want. At which point, you can choose to revert ownership back to the previous owner with another setSubnodeOwner call.

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