I have been setting up private blockchain network on two AWS EC2 instances for one of the demo setup. Initially, I chose t2.micro for both. However, miner.start(1) has been very unpredictable so far.

I dont see number of calls will me huge so may be 20-25 transactions on these nodes during demo after the initial setup, which will be done beforehand.

I aim to take t2.medium now. However not sure, if it is sufficient still. Can someone help please?


The t2 instances have burstable CPU allocations.

Both Geth and Parity are relatively CPU intensive, and as such I would suggest one of the M3/M4 instances being most appropriate.

I use Linode for my nodes because they have more cost effective options for playing around with your setup.

  • Thanks, Thomas. It helps, I am rebuilding my machine with M4 now. – golra03 Jul 28 '17 at 16:47

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