What was the value of BAT (Basic Attention Token) during the 1 minute ICO in eth / usd / btc ? I can't seem to find this info anywhere. And what is the total supply?



The ICO price on the sale date of May 31, 2017 was 1 ETH to 6,400 BAT.

We sold the equivalent of 156,250 ETH, or 1 billion tokens.


According to https://icostats.com/, the ICO price was $0.035usd per BAT token, which would have given you (according to https://ethereumprice.org/ the price of 1ETH was $288.65 on May 31st) 8247 BAT per 1ETH

Using etherscan.io, we can see the total supply on the token page as 1,500,000,000 BAT.

If you read the contract, you can see totalSupply = 1500000000000000000000000000 uint256, which is a wei measurement that translates to 1500000000.

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